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Global Space Organization (GSO)

To the Moon and Beyond

Corporate Vision: To the Moon & Beyond

Statement from the Founder: “It is not only possible to build a station on the lunar surface, it will be easier and safer today, due to our modern technology, advanced knowledge and commercialization of space. The Moon is our next human adventure, it is full of possibilities and promise. The Global Space Organization is going and we are going to bring the world with us, to the moon and beyond.” ~ Caed Aldwych ~

Corporate Strategic Plan: To create a human space based industry that will be established on our moon. Our GSO Lunar Station will be designed, constructed and expanded to suit the requirements of the GSO and all of its client-partners. The GSO plans to represent many different corporations, agencies and organizations and provide operational capability and support to the many diverse industries that will conduct business on the lunar surface.

Statement of Services: The Global Space Organization (GSO) is an additive manufacturing, exploration and services company, designed to support many diverse industries so that they may conduct their business in space and on the lunar surface. The GSO will design, construct, operate and maintain an Earth and Lunar based space station that will house fully trained and professional GSO crews. Space and the Moon is our worlds next major enterprise, full of potential and promise and holds many new ideas to grow and expand your business. The GSO will support your industry and provide the following Earth and lunar based services:

  • Lunar Station Maintenance
  • Life Support Management
  • Lunar & Space Construction
  • GSO Crew Training
  • Food Growth Labs
  • Station Resupply Operations
  • Water Reclamation
  • Power Generation Platforms
  • Lunar Exploration Support
  • Vehicle Management
  • Port Facilities Management
  • Client Advertising Support
  • Establishment of Medical Facilities

and more…

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Global Space Organization
Two Renaissance
40 North Central Avenue
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Phoenix, Arizona  85004
Email: corporate@gso-space.org

Paul Kelly

Terran Global Corporation (CEO)

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly is a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force and an accomplished professional in the Satellite Communications Industry. His experience and vision will help to advance our human commercial space goals into the 2020's.

Caed Aldwych

Global Space Organization (CEO)

Caed Aldwych

Caed Aldwych is a 20 year veteran of the United States Navy and has been in the Satellite Communications Industry for over 30 years working with companies such as Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Ratheon and BAE Corporation. Caed intends to lead humanity back out into deep space beginning with our Moon.

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