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GSO Crew Training

GSO ES-1 Crew Training Application

Section I (Applicant Details)

Please complete this form accurately and in its entirety, missing or falsified information will cause application rejection. Your information will be kept private. Please review our Mission Statement, Admissions Policy, General Policies, Privacy Policy and Rules and Regulations. For international applicants, if selected please ensure your name is consistent on this application and on all immigration documents to avoid problems at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate and/or upon your arrival in the U.S. The first round of crew selections will occur on 1 March 2017 for our October 2017 training start date. Selections will continue for each 6 month training period.
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Section II (Address Information)

Section III (Related Experience)

Choose options if you have had any experience in the listed fields.

Section IV (Education)

Section V (Medical)

List any medical conditions that may be a concern during GSO crew training.

Section VI (Statement of Desire)

Section VII (Application Payment Processing)

Payment is a GSO ES-1 applicant processing fee and is non-refundable. Please ensure you make payment or your application will not be submitted.
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