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Mission Statement


Statement of Vision
To advance humanity, to the Moon and beyond.

Statement of Mission
As an institution that intends to send humans back out into deep space, The GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1) mission is to educate and develop our future crew members to become principled, professional leaders by instilling the core values of The Global Space Organization in a disciplined and intellectually challenging environment. A core feature of our training environment is the development of a uniformed service that holds a sense of camaraderie produced through teamwork and service to others while following a military lifestyle. This lifestyle will help us survive and advance through the harsh environment of deep space.

GSO ES-1 strives to produce qualified crewmen who have insight into all aspects of station construction, operations and management. Our crewmen will be encouraged to develop new ideas, and values that are of importance to society in our advancement into space. It is equally important that GSO crewmen are capable of both critical and creative thinking, have effective communication skills, can apply abstract concepts to concrete situations, and possess the methodological skills needed to gather and analyze critical information.

GSO ES-1’s primary purpose is to educate our future crewmen to become the lead element in advancing our human space and lunar goals and to prepare them for positions of leadership in the operations and management of our planned GSO Lunar Station One (GSO LS-1). Our station training lifestyle provides a structured environment that supports growth and development of each applicants intellect, discipline, physical fitness, moral and ethical values so that they will be prepared to lead the world back out into deep space.

A complementary purpose of GSO ES-1, is to provide the citizens of our world, rich or poor, opportunities for professional development within our station training program. Anyone across the globe may apply be they physically fit, in good health, have no major criminal background and are willing and able to learn. Our crew training program is designed to accommodate the needs of non-traditional students seeking demanding academic challenges that will lead them to the Moon and beyond.

Global Space Organization’s Core Values

To be committed to your fellow crew members, to an ideal to a goal. The Global Space Organization is committed to training you in every aspect of station construction and operations in order to accomplish our duty to advance humanity back out into deep space, safely, effectively and responsibly, so we have the ability to continually expand our operations.   Without firm commitment to our goals you cannot fully accept the responsibility of our operations, nor can you be bound by duty to accomplish tasks. I will be committed to the goals of the Global Space Organization in advancing humans back out into deep space, I will be committed to working with and supporting my fellow crew members so that we will all be prepared to operate safely, effectively and responsibly in the harsh environment of deep space.  Commitment – The Rope that Binds

Duty means to accept and accomplish the responsibilities assigned to me. In crew training, my primary duty is to perform academically and then later to perform as a crew member of the Global Space Organization in our mutual goal of advancing humanity back out into deep space. I accept the consequences associated with my performance and actions. Once I have held myself accountable for my actions, then I will hold others accountable for their actions. Finally, duty means that others can depend on me to complete my assignments and to assist them with their assignments. Duty is also a call to serve others before self.  Duty – Heavier than a Mountain

With leadership and duty comes responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your actions whether bad or good is a first step towards advancing your own personal morale compass in the right direction.  It allows others to gain trust in your actions and eventually in the actions you take on their behalf.  In the Global Space Organization you will have to become responsible for people, life support systems, mission plans and many other aspects while operating in the hostile environment of deep space.  Responsibility – A Strong, Stable Foundation