Global Space Organization Needs You

The Global Space Organization needs your help. Soon we will begin our non-profit membership program as many of you have requested and expected. Thank you. Once you become a GSO official member, your contribution will help greatly towards the GSO ability to accomplish its initial mission; to build its GSO ES-1 research and training facility and begin to entice and educate those major entities that will help to establish the largest push back out into deep space the world has ever seen. The GSO plans on a global expansion into space, one that will see thousands of people on the Moon in the next two decades and by 2050 living and working out as far as Jupiter and beyond.

As a member, the GSO can use your help in many areas. Your knowledge, your ability to generate ideas, your leadership in helping to forge a global membership group that will catch the attention of major corporations seeking to do business in space and your deep creativity to think outside of the box and come up with ideas that would not be thought possible today.

The GSO already has insights into lunar and space construction, life support systems, plant growth, food, fuel and refuse disposal. Additionally, how to prepare many industries to operate in space including;

  • Tourism,

  • Exploration,

  • Mass Media,

  • Construction,

  • Additive Manufacturing,

  • Power Generation,

  • Communication,

  • Science & Research,

  • Astronomy,

  • Orbital Fabrication,

  • Transportation

and much more...

We already know one way, your ideas could generate the future of our plans and goals making our place in our solar system safer, easier and more reliable, and eventually place you at the forefront of our leadership teams as an employee, a crew member or a long term supporter of a human initiative that knows no racial, national or political boundaries. Space and the wonders of other worlds are for all of us, not just the wealthy or privileged.

Thank you for your patience, thank your for your vast determination and thank you for offering to join us.

Very Respectfully,

Caed Aldwych | Lead Commander, Global Space Organization | CEO Terran Global Corporation

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