Spacecraft in Orbit

GSO Research

The multidisciplinary nature of our focused Space & Lunar Research Team has been the major strength of our progress since we began our work in 2012. Keep reading to find out what we are currently investigating.

Science Museum Space Exploration

Lunar On-Site (In-Situ) Construction

The GSO is currently researching various construction methods of building in-situ on the lunar surface.  These methods include heat sintering of lunar regolith in the fabrication of smart interlocking bricks.  3D printing of lunar materials using specialized construction 3D printing robotics and the use of microwave sintering of regolith

Deep Space Operations

The GSO has completed plans for implementing a deep space operations training program to teach new recruits the process of construction, maintenance, operations and management of GSO and customer assets in deep space.  Our program will also provide instruction and training in ECLSS operations, safety procedures, power, atmosphere and water reclamation.

Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS)

Based on the many problems and notorious failures of the International Space Stations ECLSS systems.  The GSO is researching ways to modularize the system with the addition of redundancies, improved filtration systems and habitat coatings that will help reduce or eliminate bacterial threats in deep space.