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Rules & Regulations

GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1)

Rules & Regulations, Standards of Practice, Terms & Conditions
(Dated and Board approved 01.02.2017)

1. Vision, Core Values, and Statement of Mission
2. Terran Global Corporation Assembly (The Board)
3. The GSO Commander
4. The GSO Staff Officers
5. GSO ES-1 Crew
6. Supporting Staff
7. Uniforms and Insignia
8. GSO ES-1 Personnel Quarters
9. Crewman Association
10. Organization and Direction of the Crewman Association
11. Supremacy of Regulations
12. GSO ES-1
13. Insignia, Seal and Logos
14. Indemnification

1. Terms of Employment and Retirement
2. Faculty Manual
3. Executive Officer/Chief of Staff of the Station
4. Training Freedom
5. Freedom of Expression
6. Training Tenure
7. Reduction in Force for Financial Exigency
8. Policy on English

1. Criteria for Admission
2. General Qualifications for Admission as a Cadet
3. Responsibility for Training Matters
4. Training Arrangement of the Corps of Crewman
5. Criteria for Graduation

1. Activities
2. Agent
3. Alcoholic Beverages
4. Arms, Ammunition, or Explosives
5. Arrest of Crewman
6. Clubs, Societies, and Associations
7. Communication with Station Officials
8. Dress of Crewman
9. Furloughs and Leaves
10. Gratuity
11. Hazing, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence and Discrimination
12. Indebtedness to the Station
13. Non-Training Graduation Requirements
14. Ombudsperson
15. Payment of Fees
16. Policy on Hallucinogenic, Narcotic, and Controlled Drugs and Substances; Drug Paraphernalia; and
The GSO Drug Testing Policy
17. Publications

1. General
2. Command Responsability
3. Crew Merits and Demerits
4. Off-Campus Offenses
5. Crewmen Offenses
6. Offenses of all personnel working or training on board GSO ES-1

1. Presiding Officials
2. Representatives and Advisers
3. Hearings for Violations of Disciplinary Regulations
4. Hearings for Violations of Honor Code or Training Integrity Policy
5. Appeals

1. Authority to Discharge
2. Temporary Suspension
3. Resignation
4. Types of Discharge
5. Reinstatement

Extracts, Code of Laws  (as amended)

1. Composition of the Board
2. Responsibilities of the Board
3. Officers and Recording Secretary
4. Meetings of the Board
5. Composition of Committees
6. Committees




SECTION ONE  (Organization and Administration)
Vision, Core Values and Statement of Mission

Vision Statement: “To advance a human commercial enterprise, to the Moon and Beyond.”

1. Global Space Organization’s Core Values

To be committed to your fellow crew members, to an ideal to a goal. The Global Space Organization is committed to training you in every aspect of station construction and operations in order to accomplish our duty to advance humanity back out into deep space, safely, effectively and responsibly, so we have the ability to continually expand our operations. Without firm commitment to our goals you cannot fully accept the responsibility of our operations, nor can you be bound by duty to accomplish tasks. I will be committed to the goals of the Global Space Organization in advancing humans back out into deep space, I will be committed to working with and supporting my fellow crew members so that we will all be prepared to operate safely, effectively and responsibly in the harsh environment of deep space. Commitment – The Rope that Binds

Duty means to accept and accomplish the responsibilities assigned to me. In crew training, my primary duty is to perform academically and then later to perform as a crew member of the Global Space Organization in our mutual goal of advancing humanity back out into deep space. I accept the consequences associated with my performance and actions. Once I have held myself accountable for my actions, then I will hold others accountable for their actions. Finally, duty means that others can depend on me to complete my assignments and to assist them with their assignments. Duty is also a call to serve others before self. Duty – Heavier than a Mountain

With leadership and duty comes responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your actions whether bad or good is a first step towards advancing your own personal morale compass in the right direction. It allows others to gain trust in your actions and eventually in the actions you take on their behalf. In the Global Space Organization you will have to become responsible for people, life support systems, mission plans and many other aspects while operating in the hostile environment of deep space. Responsibility – A Strong, Stable Foundation

Statement of Mission
As an institution that intends to send humans back out into deep space, The GSO Earth Station One (GSO ES-1) mission is to educate and develop our future crew members to become principled, professional leaders by instilling the core values of The Global Space Organization in a disciplined and intellectually challenging environment. A core feature of our training environment is the development of a uniformed service that holds a sense of camaraderie produced through teamwork and service to others while following a military lifestyle. This lifestyle will help us survive and advance through the harsh environment of deep space.

GSO ES-1 strives to produce qualified crewmen who have insight into all aspects of station construction, operations and management. Our crewmen will be encouraged to develop new ideas, and values that are of importance to society in our advancement into space. It is equally important that GSO crewmen are capable of both critical and creative thinking, have effective communication skills, can apply abstract concepts to concrete situations, and possess the methodological skills needed to gather and analyze critical information.

GSO ES-1’s primary purpose is to educate our future crewmen to become the lead element in advancing our human space and lunar goals and to prepare them for positions of leadership in the operations and management of our planned GSO Lunar Station One (GSO LS-1). Our station training lifestyle provides a structured environment that supports growth and development of each applicants intellect, discipline, physical fitness, moral and ethical values so that they will be prepared to lead the world back out into deep space.

A complementary purpose of GSO ES-1, is to provide the citizens of our world, rich or poor, opportunities for professional development within our station training program. Anyone across the globe may apply be they physically fit, in good health, have no major criminal background and are willing and able to learn. Our crew training program is designed to accommodate the needs of non-traditional students seeking demanding academic challenges that will lead them to the Moon and beyond.

2. GSO ES-1 Board. (The Board)

a. The Board is the governing body of GSO ES-1. The Board defines the mission, role, and scope of GSO ES-1, establishes the general policies of the Station, approves the budget for each fiscal year, and provides accountability to the public.

b. The Board establishes long-range development plans of the Station, currently embodied in the Stations Plan, by providing oversight and guidance on the strategic planning process and plan duration, establishing lines of effort that facilitate the successful achievement of the plan, and monitoring progress of the plan implementation and resourcing at least twice annually.

c. The Board annually reviews and approves these GSO Regulations, which guide the operation of the Station.

d. The Board provides oversight of GSO ES-1.

e. The Board searches for and appoints the Station Commander, who has responsibility for implementing and achieving the plans, policies and goals established by the Board that effect GSO ES-1. On the recommendation of the Commander, the Board reviews the selection of Station Staff Officers. The Board must approve all new or reinstated Station Staff level positions prior to the advertisement of these positions.

f. The Board is composed of eleven individuals who are graduates of the Station. Seven of these members are elected by majority vote of the GSO Board, three are elected by such means and methods as may be determined by GSO ES-1 Crewmen Association, and one is appointed by the sitting GSO ES-1 Station Commander.

3. Station Commander
a. The Station Commander has the governing authority and responsibility for the administration of GSO ES-1 (The Station) and all of its activities. The Commander shall advise the Board on the selection of GSO ES-1 Staff Officers and the terms of their employment. The Commander is responsible for providing leadership in all actions of the Station, to all crewmen, faculty, and staff. The Commander is responsible to the Board for the proper conduct of the Station in all areas. The Commander shall confer with the Board on proposed major changes in policy.

b. The Commander of the Station may be removed at any time for cause, or upon any inability to perform duties assigned, upon the vote of not less than two thirds of the total number of Board members who are eligible to vote. However, there must be at least ten (10) days’ notification in advance of the proposed action required, and there must be an opportunity for the Commander to be heard before the vote is taken.

c. In the event of the death of the Commander, the leadership of the Station will devolve upon the Executive Officer (XO) holding the rank of sub commander, of the Station. Whenever the XO and a majority of the Staff Officers transmit to the Chair of the Board that the Commander is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the XO shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting Commander. Thereafter, when the Commander transmits to the Chair his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office, unless the XO and a majority of the Staff Officers transmit within two days to the Chair their written declaration that the Commander is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon the Board shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose.

d. Before resigning or retiring, except under extraordinary circumstances, the Commander shall give the Board a minimum of twelve months’ notice.

4. GSO ES-1 Staff Officers
a. Executive Officer (XO). The Executive Officer also the Chief of Staff of the Station holding the rank of sub commander, is responsible directly to the Commander for all matters pertaining to the administrative functions of the Station. The XO of the Station is the second ranking official of GSO ES-1 and will act in the absence of the Commander as described in Section I, paragraph 3.

b. Chief of Station (COS). The Senior Station Chief who is responsible for Station Operations and Administration and is the third ranking official of GSO ES-1 and will act in the absence of the Commander and the XO of the Station. The COS reports to the Commander and is responsible for the oversight and direction of the day-to-day operations of the Station.

c. Station Crew Chief (SCC). The Crew Chief reports directly to the Commander and is responsible for the administration, training, housing, good order and discipline of the Stations operational crew and crews in training.

d. Station Finance Officer (SFO). The SFO for Finance is responsible directly to the Commander for providing a full range of financial management support services for the Station, including strategic financial planning, accounting and reporting, preparation and administration of the budget.

e. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The CMO for Communications and Marketing is responsible directly to the Commander for the Station’s marketing, internal and external communications, media, and public relations functions.

5. GSO ES-1 Crew
a. The Crew consists of the Commander; the Executive Officer/Chief of Staff of the Station; Staff Officers; Operational Crews; and officers ordered to report for duty at the Station by the Global Space Organization.

b. The Commander, upon the recommendation of the Executive Officer/Chief of Staff of the Station, is authorized to make such assignments in training ranks as to maintain a well-balanced faculty.

c. The Commander will designate qualified members of the crew to be commissioned officers in the Global Space Organization and will recommend that commissions be issued in the appropriate rank.

6. Supporting Staff
a. The employment of supporting staff will be in accordance with the personnel hiring policies of GSO ES-1 and upon recommendation of the Station Commander.

b. Certain members of the staff may be required to have such training or professional degrees as may be deemed necessary or appropriate by the Station Commander.

c. Based on functions and responsibilities, the Commander will designate certain members of the staff to be commissioned officers in the Global Space Organization and will recommend that these commissions be issued in the appropriate rank.

d. All members of the staff will have their performance evaluated at least annually and will have access to grievance and appeal procedures prescribed by the State of Arizona or GSO ES-1.

e. Under normal circumstances before resigning or retiring, exempt (salaried) staff members should provide a minimum of four weeks’ notice, and non-exempt (hourly) employees should give their respective supervisor a minimum of two weeks’ notice. This will allow recruitment actions to begin in a timely manner.

f. The Terran Global Corporation and its Global Space Organization is an Equal Employment Opportunity Institution and an Affirmative Action Employer in compliance with civil rights laws, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

7. Uniforms, Logo and Rank Patches
a. Officers of the Station and staff who are commissioned in the Global Space Organization will wear the uniform of the day as authorized by the Station Commander.

b. Support components, GSO Post members or retired GSO officers may wear their uniforms on board station, at support functions or special GSO gatherings.

c. Crewmen personnel assigned to duty at GSO ES-1 will wear the uniform prescribed for them by their respective orders or uniform of the day.

d. On station, all commissioned GSO officers will be in uniform at all times except when they are conducting physical training. The station operational hours are 24 hours a day Sunday through Saturday.

e. Officers of the GSO serve as role models for station crewmen and crewmen in training and should be in proper GSO uniform when on board GSO ES-1 or any other operational GSO station or support site.

f. The uniform and its wearing, personal grooming and appearance, and wearing of adornments and other supplementary dress will be as prescribed by the Commander and generally as outlined in appropriate GSO regulations.

8. Station Quarters
a. The Commander, or his Designee, is authorized to assign quarters to crewmen and staff officers on board GSO ES-1. Requirements can be found in GSO policies and procedures as approved by the Commander.

9. The GSO ES-1 Crewman Association
a. The Crewman Association consists of: GSO crewmen in training and GSO operational crews who have been accepted into or qualified in the formal crewman training program at GSO ES-1.

10. Organization and Direction of the Crewman Association
a. To support educational and professional development, good order and discipline, the Crewmen Association is organized as prescribed by the Station Commander, with the advice of the SCC.

b. Crewmen Association officers are appointed as authorized by the Station Commander.

c. Crewmen assume duties and responsibilities within the Association in furtherance of their educational objectives. Crewmen are not thereby acting as agents or employees of GSO ES-1 or the Global Space Organization. Appropriate commissions and warrants may be issued.

d. Appointments are solely for instruction and discipline, and any or all of them may be revoked and new appointments made at any time by the SCC as authorized by the Commander.

e. Reductions will be made to a rank consistent with the duties and responsibilities assigned by the SCC.

b. The Station Crew Chief (SCC) is responsible for the training progress of all crewmen and for the conduct of all station personnel during the training period and for all crewmen enrolled in the training course. The
Station Commander is responsible for the conduct of crewman and for all crewmen residing in station quarters.

11. Supremacy of Regulations
a. These Regulations constitute the governing rules of GSO ES-1. To the extent that any rules or regulations published in any other document, in any form, conflict with these Regulations, these Regulations shall control. Ignorance of these Regulations, or any other order, rule, or regulation shall not be an excuse for neglect or misconduct.